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Using Custom Portals

Helps Your Company:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save Space
  • Keep Brand Consistency

For Companies With:

  • 10+ Employees
  • Multiple Locations
  • Franchises

Place Order

You can choose which products will be on the web portal and who has access to order them.

Your company portal will be setup using your company colors, as well as any images and logos you would like. You will have several options on how your employees can access the portal including:

  • Use our website address with a subfolder. For example www.Think Ink Printing.com/yourcompany.
  • Use a custom URL that will redirect to our platform. For example, www.YourCompanyPrintPortal.com.
  • Use iframe code to embed our backend portal in your existing employee portal.

Customize Order

With our customized portals you will have the opportunity to add products the have the ability to get customized. Business cards and name badges are the most frequently utilized customized products. You can choose which fields are changeable, which ones are required and if they must be formatted a specific way.

You can also specify images that can be placed and utilized on the website to customize the printed materials.

Get Approval

Our portal system can, if requested, require an approval from someone at your company to approve an order before we put it into production, This will enable your company to make sure that the quantity requested, the specific product and the actual artwork being produced all meet the required specifications.

You can list as many approvers as you would like. The system can even be setup to either require all products to receive approval or only specific products would need it.

Process Order

Once the order has been placed, it will take one of two paths:

  • If it is a product that the client has in inventory, we will pack it up and ship it using the client's UPS or FedEx account to the desired location.
  • If it is a product that needs to be printed, we will put it into production.

Order Shipped

Once your order is all packed up and ready to go, we will send it to the requested location.

Pay For Order

Companies can pay for orders with all major credit cards or we can bill companies that have setup terms. If the order is for items that we have printed in bulk and have on the shelf, there would be no charge.